What Could We Do to Keep Improving? Our Award Made Us Wonder.

Our new Platinum status designation made us reflect on what we’ve done and we can keep doing to improve our service to our residents and their families.


Coronado Healthcare Center recently achieved the Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) Platinum status (hooray!). We feel honored because HSAG awards Platinum status only to facilities that display superlative quality, improvement and consistency. To boot, of the 147 nursing homes in Arizona, we were one of only 13 to receive the distinction.


Earning platinum status took some serious work on specific requirements, and it would be easy for us to pat ourselves on the back and take a break. . . but that’s not who we are! At Coronado, our goal is to consistently give the very best service to our residents and their families, and we believe that earning distinctions should cause us to self-reflect, not just self-congratulate.


So, what did we do and what can we keep doing to serve better? Whether you’re a medical professional seeking to better your practice or an individual seeking to better yourself, taking these steps will lead to constant improvement:


  • Work as a team. Our team members work together with patients and their families to provide personalized care plans. Whether our patients stay with us for days or months, we strive to make the experience about them.
  • Maintain resources to provide for a wide range of needs. Some facilities specialize in a small number of diagnoses, forcing them to turn many patients away. At Coronado, we have a unique ability to care for a wide range of complex medical needs, which allows us to care for residents we ordinarily wouldn’t have the privilege to know and serve.
  • Be careful about who you let into your life (or your skilled nursing facility). Our staff is the best. Not to brag, but they really are. In fact, the US News Best Nursing Home Rankings gave our staff 4.9 out of 5 stars.
  • Reach for high standards. We’ve earned a gov overall rating of 4 stars because of our excellence in safety, staffing and quality measures.


Our COO, Cindy, sums it all up for us: “Coronado’s interdisciplinary team strives to provide consistent, high-quality care,” she said. “The team’s efforts are reflected in the Platinum status by our quality improvement organization.”


We have the capacity to have 191 patients stay with us, and we’re grateful for each one who does. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to work together, provide a wide range of resources, hire excellent staff and reach for the stars. We hope you’ll join us in our quest to keep becoming a better version of ourselves.